r/NaturalBeauty – Home Remedy to Look Young and Fresh

Expensive branded creams are available in the market that claims to solve all your skin problems like aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots. But unfortunately, they fail to give you the desired results. Make this home remedy and start using it today. It will solve all your skin problems and make you look young and fresh.

This home remedy is made up of very simple ingredients like a banana peel, potato, lemon, almond oil, and corn starch. Bananas contain a high percentage of collagen, vitamin C, and potassium which help to lighten the skin and eliminate pigmentation. Banana peel delays the appearance of signs of aging. Potatoes prevent signs of aging on the skin, reduce dryness, and whiten the skin. Vitamin C in potatoes stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. corn starch softens the skin and removes dead cells. Lemon contains vitamin C that removes wrinkles under the eyes. Almond oil is also good for skin nourishment and removing wrinkles and fine  lines.


  • Banana peel (1)

  • Potato (1)

  • Water (2 cups)

  • Corn starch (1 tsp)

  • Lemon juice (1 tbsp.)

  • Almond oil (1 tbsp.)


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